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Meet Bowser and Lil Jack!

They are the OFFICIAL PETS of the Safari Pets Store! They love greeting customers and playing together!

Bowser is an 8 yr. old Sulcata Tortoise aka "African Spurred Thigh Tortoise." He weights a whopping 60+ pounds! He can grow to be over 200 pounds and if healthy, will live over 140 years! He has been a BIG part of Safari Pets for the last couple of years. He is the subject of a lot of questions and conversations, he always has a crowd around him, and he has become a "selfie" buddy for many customers who shop @ Safari Pets.

Bowser's diet consists of LOADS and LOADS of dark green veggies like Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Collar Greens, etc. He EATS ALOT! He is a gentle giant that loves kids. He actually takes frequent field trips with John and Jason to local schools, events, parties, and has even appeared on the Dave Elswick Radio program in LIttle Rock!

Make sure next time you visit Safari Pets, see if Bowser is there, and if so, get a selfie made with him. #bowser

"Lil" Jack is our NEWEST OFFICIAL Safari Pets Store Pet! He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy! Don't let his "lil" name fool you. He is already a BIG eater...and an EVEN BIGGER celebrity at the store! He is an awesome aussie that loves Merrick Puppy Food. He also enjoys playing with his little sis and litter mate "Jaylea" (our store manager's mini aussie) and he loves getting into ALL kinds of mischief at the store and home.

He will grow to be about 30-40 lbs. Mini Aussies are some of the coolest dogs on earth. They are very intelligent, easy to train, and very agile. They enjoy learning cool tricks, can jump very high for the short size, and can play energetically all day long...although, anyone who knows "Lil Jack" knows how much he likes to nap...LIKE A BOSS. Lil Jack is already a selfie staple at the store and instantly became a Facebook sensation. You can follow all of his upcoming adventures on our Facebook page. He also has appeared on the Dave Elswick Radio Program and has his own hashtag. #liljack